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Austral Elegance Hinged Door Lock
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AUSGUARD™ Security Screens

AUSGUARD™ security screens is the latest security door system on the market. Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia using high quality Australian sourced materials.

At the centre of every AUSGUARD™ security screen, is a specially sourced 0.8mm high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh which offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. A specific weave has been used to allow maximum airflow, whilst still maintaining insect and intruder resistance.

AUSGUARD™ Security Screens are constructed using 6106 T6 structural grade aluminium unlike the majority of products on the market which only use “architectural grade” run of the mill aluminium. This feature allows for a stronger and more rigid door, and makes AUSGUARD™ Security Screens a standout in the market.

Integrates seamlessly into your home

The AUSGUARD™ security mesh system has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate mix of high security, modern design, and unobstructed views, that integrates seamlessly into your home. 

AUSGUARD™ is available in a wide range of standard colours. 


AUSGUARD™ also features the latest woodgrain finishes using wood effect aluminium powder coating technology, with a market leading 25 year warranty.

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