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The AUSGUARD™ system has been extensively engineered and tested using only the highest performing materials. 

The AUSGUARD™ heavy duty frames are extruded in structural grade aluminium, unlike the majority of products on the market which only use architectural grade aluminium. This feature allows for a stronger and more rigid door, making AUSGUARD™ unique in the market.

AUSGUARD™ security screen products have been tested to meet and exceed the Australian Standard AS5039/5041. This series of tests are conducted to simulate an attack from an intruder using force to gain entry into a home and include:


 Simulates an attack using a lever such as a large screwdriver.


Designed to simulate kicks from an intruder.

The unique AUSGUARD™ mesh retention system has such a strong grip on the mesh, that it exceeds the Australian Standard.


Simulates a utility knife attack on the mesh

AUSGAURD™ passes the knife shear test thanks to the premium high tensile 316 stainless steel Mesh.


Aluminium Frame: 6061 T6 Structural Aluminium

Mesh: 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade

Wire Diameter: 0.8mm

Mesh Count: 11 x 11 strands per 25mm2

Aperture Size: 1.5 x 1.5mm

Wire Tensile Strength: 920MPa

Open Area: 44%

View Angle: 160 Degrees

Insect Protection: Yes

Tested and certified: Yes

Fall Prevention: Yes

Dynamic Impact test: Yes

Jemmy Test: Yes

Knife sheer test: Yes

Warranty: 10 Years


Security screens are typically constructed by attaching the stainless steel mesh into an aluminium frame. Bringing these two different metals together can lead to corrosion through dissimilar metal contact (Galvanic Corrosion).

To prevent this type of dissimilar metal corrosion, the AUSGUARD heavy duty clamping system completely isolates the 2 metals from each other, while at the same time offering extreme grip.

By Combining the unique AUSGUARD™ design which isolates dissimilar metals, and the use of only the most premium quality 316 Stainless steel mesh, you can rest assure that your screens will perform for many years to come. 


AUSGUARD™ has been designed to cope with the harsh Australian climate using materials which offer high levels of corrosion resistance. With a moderate cleaning routine, your AUSGUARD™ screens will look great and perform for years to come.

Like all external fixtures on your home, AUSGUARD™ security screens will require a small degree of maintenance to keep them looking their best. Maintenance intervals will depend on location as per the table below.

AUSGUARD™ screens should only ever be washed with a soft bristle brush using warm mains water and a mild detergent, then rinsed down well to flush away excess soap and contaminants.

Recycled water, bore water, or tank water is not acceptable for cleaning due to uncontrolled levels of chemicals, or minerals, which can lead to corrosion issues. Only mains water shall be used for cleaning.

Strong detergents, abrasive cleaners, high pressure washers, should never be used to clean your AUSGUARD™ screen.

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